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To regain access to your account, on the login screen, click on the "I forgot my password" link. In the new window, enter the e-mail address that you use at the Dimedic.eu clinic and confirm. After a while, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to recover your password. Finished!
You can change any data provided in the process of registration or afterwards, during the consultation, by logging in to your Patient Panel and clicking “Change data” in “My data” tab.

Nie możemy usunąć konta z uwagi na ciążące na nas obowiązki prawne. Jako przychodnia telemedyczna jesteśmy zobowiązani do przechowywania danych medycznych Pacjenta.

Konto Pacjenta może natomiast zostać zdezaktywowane, co oznacza, że numer telefonu oraz e-mail zostaną usunięte z bazy kontaktowej Dimedic. Pacjent po dezaktywacji konta nie będzie otrzymywał od nas wiadomości dotyczących naszych usług ani materiałów informacyjnych i promocyjnych z zakresu ochrony zdrowia. Jeśli chcesz dezaktywować swoje konto, napisz do nas na [email protected]

Yes, your data is safe. Dimedic is subject to strict British law. That is why in our clinic we make every effort to ensure the highest level of security of our patients' data. We work with the Polish clinic Dimedic.pl, if you choose e-prescription consultation, doctors from dimedic.pl check medical forms and issue e-prescriptions. After a positive consultation, the data on the patient and the prescribed drug are sent to the government system responsible for e-prescriptions. Thanks to this, it is possible to fill e-prescriptions in every Polish pharmacy. However, if you want information about your health to be sent to your attending physician - the Dimedic medical team can prepare your medical records and forward them to your physician or send them to you (this option is available for patients who choose Great Britain as their country of delivery) . In the Patient Panel, you can choose the option of sending documents and provide the address of your family doctor.
If you have any medicine related queries, you can send them directly to our doctors or pharmacist after logging in to your Patient Panel. We will answer your queries within 2 business days of receiving the message. Content of the correspondence is available only to Dimedic's medical and pharmaceutical personnel.
If you have any questions related to the operation and offer of Dimedic or comments about the service, write to us at the email address [email protected] If you are a registered user, use the e-mail account you provided during the registration process – we will have access to your order history. You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will answer your question within 2 business days of receiving the message. Your comments are very important to us - they will allow us to better adapt our services to the needs of users.
If you have any objections to how we process your order, please write an e-mail to us: [email protected] or post a formal complaint by mail to the following address:

DiMedic Limited
104 Close, Quayside
NE1 3RF Newcastle upon Tyne

We will respond to your message within 7 days of receiving it.
DiMedic Limited
104 Close, Quayside
NE1 3RF Newcastle upon Tyne

Orders and payments

First of all: the medical form you complete must be positively assessed by a doctor. When it comes to delivery times, it all depends on whether you choose e-prescription or traditional cross-border prescription consultation. If you choose an e-prescription, it will reach you within a dozen or so minutes to several hours after the consultation - immediately after the positive decision of the doctor. Of course - the waiting time for an e-prescription may be longer at night or when the doctor has additional questions about your health (you will receive a notification by e-mail and SMS). You will find the e-prescription (along with the four-digit e-prescription access code) in the Dimedic Patient Panel. You can find more about the e-prescription in this text. If you choose a paper cross-border prescription, we will send it to you via courier. The delivery time for such an order is usually approx. 3 business days from the moment the prescription is issued. If the courier does not find you at the address indicated, the parcel will be waiting for you at the nearest post office.
You will pay £17 for a consultation. You should remember, however, that you will not be charged with any costs if the doctor, having analyzed your answers, refuses to prescribe you the drug. The cost of shipment always charged on top.
You can pay for medical consultations at Dimedic (and for additional services) by fast internet transfer or by traditional bank transfer. If you choose a traditional transfer, remember about Dimedic's data:

Recipient: Dimedic Limited, 104 Close, NE1 3RF Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Account number: 12 1140 1010 0000 3675 7500 1001
Bank: mBank
Remember to provide the consultation number in the title of the transfer (you will find it in the Patient Panel).
Yes. In the interests of your health, we ask you key questions about your health every time to assess whether you can safely take specific medications.
If you choose a paper cross-border prescription or ask for medical documentation to be sent - we send your parcel by courier. After sending it, you will receive a message from us in the Patient Panel with the tracking number, carrier's name and the address of the website where you can track the package. If you choose a medical consultation with an e-prescription, we will place it in your Patient Panel and we will send you an e-mail message that the e-prescription (with an access code) is waiting for you - shortly after the doctor issues a prescription for you.
Yes, it is possible, but only in justified cases (only if your medical form has not been delivered to the doctor). If you want to cancel a paid medical consultation, please contact us by e-mail ([email protected]).
No. Only adults who fill out a medical consultation form for themselves can use our online clinic. They can complete a medical consultation form for the medications they take or need. We do not provide the opportunity to consult on behalf of something - regardless of whether the person is an adult or not.
As an online clinic, we care about the safety of patients' personal data and all medical records. Dimedic's activities are governed by British law, which very precisely regulates the safety of medical records in the case of online clinics. We provide the highest level of security for personal data and medical records. Your medical data and consultation history can be found in the Patient Panel. The Patient Panel is available to you after logging in at the dimedic.eu clinic. For safety reasons, communication with the doctor also takes place via the Patient Panel. The personal data provided to us is guaranteed confidential. This means that we will never share this data with anyone for marketing purposes - we only use it to provide our services.


We can send a paper cross-border prescription issued by our doctor to any country belonging to the European Union. You can fill your cross-border prescription in pharmacies in all EU countries. We send the cross-border prescription by courier to the address indicated during the medical consultation. We send information about issuing an e-prescription and the e-prescription itself to the e-mail address provided. You can also find the e-prescription in your Patient Panel. Remember: e-prescription can only be filled in pharmacies in Poland.


Dimedic phone number is +44 1914478751. Our staff is at your disposal Monday to Sunday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Yes, you can. The dates of call duties of our doctors are provided in advance on the websites of our health center. If you are a Logged-In Patient, you can arrange a phone conversation with a doctor regarding the consultations conducted. It is enough for you to log in to your Patient Account and send us a message with a request for a phone call.
Yes, you do. The drugs prescribed by our doctor are prescriptions drugs.
When you decide to use Dimedic services, you decide to benefit from a medical consultation conducted by qualified doctors and pharmaceutical care provided by experience pharmacists. The price of a consultation does not include any hidden costs and the price of a drug is the information for you.
A prescription in Dimedic is issued by doctors who have the right to practice. They are registered with GMC, the British equivalent of NCL. The prescription we will deliver to you has a handwritten signature of a doctor. The package will also include a letter regarding cross-border prescriptions.
If you have been using a drug for some time now, our doctor will be able to write a prescription which will allow you to prolong the treatment. However, the prescription will be written after a detailed medical interview conducted via the consultation form.
Of course, it does. We are a health center registered in United Kingdom in Care Quality Commission – a body which supervises the activity of entities providing medical services. The EU Directive on cross-border medical care allows us to provide services in any member state, including Poland. The possibility of conducting medical examinations through telecomputer systems or connection systems and writing prescriptions following such examination has been introduced to the law of Poland (Article 42 Section 1 and Section 2 of the Act on the professions of a doctor and a dentist of 5 December 1996). At the same time, in December 2015 the Sejm (the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament) amended the act on the professions of a doctor and a dentist. As a result, providing telecomputer services is allowed in Poland.
In Dimedic we issue cross-border prescriptions, which can be filled in any pharmacy in the EU, including Poland and Baltic countries. A cross-border prescription is a bit different from a prescription written by a doctor in Poland. It includes data required by the European Commission to ensure the proper recognition of the prescription in a different country. Such a prescription may be filed exclusively at full price – regardless of the rights the patient is granted in Poland. Together with the prescription, each Dimedic Patient receives a special letter including all information on the cross-border prescription.
Telemedicine is providing distance medical services with the use of modern technologies. Telemedicine combines elements of telecommunication, information technology and medicine. It is a relatively new form of providing medical services in Poland, even though in United Kingdom similar health centers have been operating for over 10 years. Thanks to telemedicine and modern technology we can offer medical services and access to experts when traditional access is hindered, e. g. when the doctor works in a place far away from our place of residence. At the same time, such a solution often allows lower costs compared to traditional medical care.
Patients’ safety is for Dimedic the most important aspect. Therefore, we do what we can to verify the grounds for writing a prescription from time to time. Online medical interviews are verified at several stages by a doctor and a pharmacist who are supported by a continuously improved IT system. If, at any stage, we have any doubts, we contact the Patient by phone or e-mail to disperse them. We also reserve the right to refuse to write a prescription if there is no need to do this. In such case we refund the total cost of the consultation. Obviously, a telemedical consultation will never replace a traditional visit to a doctor when the doctor can conduct the necessary examinations. Whether a patient can use our services depends on whether they are in possession of results of recent medical tests. Moreover, our system automatically reminds our patients of the necessity to undergo regular medical examination.
No, we are not an online pharmacy. Dimedic does not sell drugs. Dimedic is a telemedical health center which basic scope of activity is the service of a medical consultation resulting in a prescription.

Telephone consultations with a doctor

Fill out a short form - provide basic data, current ailments and chronic diseases - everything you want to pass to the doctor. The doctor will call you back from +48 42 641 20 41 and will conduct a teleconsultation. After the interview, he will send you an e-mail with recommendations and documents (e-prescription, e-dismissal, referral).
Dimedic doctors are available every day (also on weekends and holidays) from 8 am to 8 pm.
During doctors' working hours - i.e. every day from 8 am to 8 pm - we will call you within an hour of paying for the consultation.
All that are not a state of immediate life-threatening - then patients should call an ambulance. Emergency and life-threatening conditions are:
  • loss of consciousness,
  • disturbance of consciousness,
  • convulsions,
  • sudden sharp pain in the chest
  • abnormal heart rhythm,
  • severe shortness of breath,
  • sudden severe abdominal pain
  • persistent vomiting,
  • rapidly progressing labor,
  • acute and severe allergic reactions (rash, dyspnoea) resulting from taking a drug, bite or stings by poisonous animals,
  • poisoning with drugs, chemicals or gases,
  • extensive burns,
  • heat stroke,
  • cool the body,
  • electric shock,
  • flooding or drowning,
  • aggression caused by mental illness,
  • attempted suicide,
  • fall from a great height,
  • an extensive wound resulting from trauma,
  • lower limb injuries preventing independent movement.
Unfortunately not. Dimedic is a private telemedicine clinic. Our medical consultations are commercial and you have to pay for them.
Of course. We are a private clinic and our services can be used by anyone over 18 years of age. It doesn't matter if you have insurance or not.
If, after consultation, the doctor determines that there are medical grounds for this, then of course. The doctor will provide you with all the necessary documents.
Unfortunately not. We sell a medical consultation service, which often ends with issuing a prescription in accordance with medical indications and upon the decision of the consulting physician. If the doctor determines that he cannot issue a medical certificate or prescription, and the consultation ends with advice only, we will not be able to reimburse you for the consultation.
No. Our doctors also conduct consultations in English. If necessary, they can issue a cross-border prescription instead of a Polish e-prescription.
Our doctors always contact Patients from the number +48 42 641 20 41.

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